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Last week Rollem played host to a potential customer from South Korea. Mr Jung-Ho Kim (Kim) from DTPIA Co. Ltd based in Seoul, travelled to Barnsley specifically to see a demonstration of Rollem’s business card finishing equipment. Across Asia business cards are seen as being important, a business card (name card) in Korea is called a 명함  and should be presented and received with respect.

Mr Kim was accompanied by Sang Hun Lee of OZ Partners, based in London. Mr Lee acted as translator, guide and chauffeur for Mr Kim.

Stewart Dyer, European Sales Manager for Rollem said “the visit was very useful for both parties, and Mr Kim and Mr Lee were a pleasure to work with. We were able to demonstrate the equipment which Mr Kim is looking for, to improve the efficiency of his production facility, and he was confident that it would provide what he needs. As a result of the discussions and demonstrations, we agreed that we would progress to the next stage of the process.”

Pictured are the visitors with Stewart outside the Rollem factory. Mr Lee is on the left of the picture, and Mr Kim in the middle.

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