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Rollem launches SlipStream refurbishment service

Back in September 1980, Rollem supplied the world’s first SlipStream card finishing machine to Grammer & Co. in Kent, in the UK, run by David Endersby.

This is the first Rollem SlipStream, being tested immediately before delivery to Grammer & Co. in September 1980

For the next 39 years, the Rollem SlipStream has been the benchmark machine in the industry, producing playing and game cards by the billion. Although the levels of automation and functionality may have evolved over time, the machine still operates on the same basic principle, and even early models are still in use throughout the world. Rollem, to this day, are still able to provide spares and support for the core modules of the machine.

Recently Rollem, at their international headquarters in the UK, have been busy developing an enhancement programme to allow the upgrading of any SlipStream model to support their efficient operation in the 21st century.

The hand-feed table, or early automatic feeder, will be replaced with an up-to-date, high capacity, Rollem Deep Pile Feeder, and highly accurate register table, integrated with the rest of the machine, to provide unprecedented periods of continuous running.

The motors and drive control system can be upgraded to 21st century PLC technology, providing modern levels of reliability and consistency, and advanced diagnostic capabilities, including remote access and over-the-air updates. The updated electronics also provides previously inconceivable levels of intelligent integration with upstream and downstream equipment such as the Rollem AutoPunch.

After this upgrade, the SlipStream becomes much simpler to setup, operate and maintain, replacing the mechanical settings with a single touchscreen.


The machine enclosures, structures and mechanical parts can be fully refurbished, reconditioned or, in the case of moving mechanical components, completely replaced.

The first one of these refurbished SlipStreams is now very close to completion, and, even under close inspection, could be mistaken for a new machine. Shiny paintwork, gleaming chrome rollers, and new gears and drive belts are the outwardly visible indications of the care and attention which has been lavished on the project.

The high-tech, touchscreen controls, digital motors with PLC drive controls, remote diagnostics, and integration capability, set a new standard of operation and functionality that would have amazed the original inventor and Rollem Chairman, Mr James Hill, seen here (right) with fellow Director Mr Albert Hobson.

If you are lucky enough to be a Rollem SlipStream owner or user, and you would like to find out more about how Rollem can help to ensure your machine will continue to provide efficient and reliable service, and up-to-date levels of automation and functionality, please get in touch with Stewart Dyer on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or email [email protected] .