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Rollem 3D printing PPE for NHS

Rollem have joined other companies with the National 3D Printing Society’s initiative to supply N3DPS Face Shields to the NHS.

NHS staff at Chesterfield Surgery wearing face shields produced by Rollem

Rollem have transformed an empty office space into a “clean room” and invested in two more 3D printers to double capacity and so far, have produced 433 face shields that will be used nationally, with around 150 being used in the Sheffield City Region.

Stuart Murphy, Managing Director said “We have complete face shields in stock for any NHS or social care workers that need them, we have also made 100 buttons for a team in Derbyshire making scrubs for the NHS. We are pleased to be able to contribute in some way to supporting the NHS and social care workers during the coronavirus pandemic.”

They are producing 40-50 a day to contribute to the scheme for the foreseeable to supply the NHS. They have dedicated all 4 printers to this project and bulk bought filament all at their own cost to contribute to the NHS. There is a justgiving page if anyone wishes to contribute to keep this going and get a consistent supply to the NHS and get every worker in the frontline the PPE they urgently need.

Here is how you can help. Your donation will purchase resources needed to 3D print frames and make visors to produce face shields as well as other PPE.

To make each complete shield and deliver it safely to the front-line, costs £1.50. To protect 10 staff, it will cost £15.00. How many staff can you protect? We are grateful for any donation you make every penny helps.

There is huge demand for these face shields and with the pandemic expanding, there is an urgent need for more.

Why help us? We are volunteers from all walks of life, who have united to help resolve the shortage of PPE in this crisis. N3DPS is a non-profit social enterprise that has diverted its focus to do specifically this task. We have an NHS accepted design and a safe pathway to deliver these face shields from printer to the front line.

To find out more or join the cause, please go to our website

An N3DPS Protective Face Shield is made with two parts: A screen and a 3D printed mount. Screens can be made from clear PVC binder covers with a 4-hole 0punch, using an A4 ISO-888-hole configuration. Mounts can be printed in less than 1 hour and can be stacked to produce multiple mounts from a single print.

The shields have more depth when worn, allowing room for larger facial features, masks and large glasses. There is no need for fibre elastic to secure it, making it easier to sanitise and less wasteful. In the rare case of needing more grip, an elastic band can be used at the back.

N3DPS Protective Face Shields are NHS accepted and we are working on getting the design CE approved. All N3DPS Protective Face Shields will be sanitised and assembled by our partners before reaching those on the frontline.