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Business Cards

“We now get 25 business cards from an SRA3 sheet. Before it was 16!”
Finishing Manager – Business Card Sector

Business Cards

If business cards are your business, the ROI on a Rollem is

SRA3 sheetGuillotineRollem machine
To remove the gutter between bleed artwork cards6mm double cuts1.6mm cuts
Standard grid5 x 45 x 5
Cards per sheet2025


Rollem machines take sheet sizes and paper weights from A5 to SRA3 to B1 and from 80gsm to 400gsm with lamination.

Quality and long life

Unparralleled quality + Long life

Nothing matches the performance and longevity of a Rollem slitting blade. Our latest bevel edge ‘FineCut’ blade design delivers an incomparable finish. What’s more, typically, you can run your machine 24/7 for over four months before even thinking of a blade change – try that with a guillotine!
Collate Separate Rollem Machine

Collate? Separate? There’s a rollem machine for you!

One sheet, identical cards digitally printed – need them collated?
We recommend the Rollem with AutoCollator.

One sheet, different cards offset printed – need them separated?
We recommend the Rollem with Cassette Collection.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]


The new suction feeder has enabled us to run our thicker card stock with reduced downtime.

Descending Stack

The Rollem Descending Stacker has increased our production capacity by enabling longer print runs.