Business Cards

"We now get 25 business cards from an SRA3 sheet. Before it was 16!"
Finishing Manager - Business Card Sector

If business cards are your business, the ROI on a Rollem is

SRA3 sheet Guillotine Rollem machine
To remove the gutter between bleed artwork cards 6mm double cuts 1.6mm cuts
Standard grid 5 x 4 5 x 5
Cards per sheet 20 25
Waste Significant


Rollem machines take sheet sizes and paper weights from A5 to SRA3 to B1 and from 80gsm to 400gsm with lamination.

Unparralleled quality + Long life

Nothing matches the performance and longevity of a Rollem slitting blade. Our latest bevel edge ‘FineCut’ blade design delivers an incomparable finish. What’s more, typically, you can run your machine 24/7 for over four months before even thinking of a blade change - try that with a guillotine!

Collate? Separate? There’s a rollem machine for you!

One sheet, identical cards digitally printed – need them collated?
We recommend the Rollem with AutoCollator.

One sheet, different cards offset printed – need them separated?
We recommend the Rollem with Cassette Collection.

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