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Bleed Slit

Bleed Slit
Our machines are so versatile and accurate, they remove standard 6mm gutters in their stride and can go right down to a staggeringly slight 1.6mm. Impossible on a guillotine! Why is 1.6mm so important? Because it gives you more images on a sheet – so you can get 25 business cards from an SRA3 sheet instead of just 16. Less waste means lower running costs, or you can choose to use smaller sheet sizes which is also good for your pocket.
Bleed Slit
The playing card industry insists on Rollem finishing. Why? Because a Rollem machine can effortlessly deliver the 0.001″ tolerances they demand. Game card producers are equally loyal to our machines, as only a Rollem can trim to a 0.2mm tolerance on large lightweight sheets.
Bleed Slit
With a Rollem solution you can:
  • slit in combination with other processessuch as perforating and creasing, giving productivity and quality in just one pass
  • handle exceptionally curly, embossed or thermographed sheetswith no trouble because there’s no stack to crush or misalign
  • process each sheet accuratelyat high speed.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]

Photobooks, Calendars and Diaries

Just one Rollem line does the work of 4 guillotines.

Business Cards

“We now get 25 business cards from an SRA3 sheet. Before it was 16!”

Finishing Manager – Business Card Sector