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Die Cut

Die Cut

Many market applications in the short run label, packaging and mailing markets require complex arrangements of cutting, slitting and creasing, which can best be achieved by die-cutting. Rollem’s Insignia range of die-cutters are designed to provide printers with a cost-effective, flexible and high-speed solution, by performing all these operations in a single pass, with one operator, which means lower labour costs and higher productivity.

Die Cut

Flexo magnetic rotary die cutters are suitable for long and even short runs, with fast change over. This combined with built-in feeder, waste stripping and shingle conveyer table offers efficient operation, and can handle run lengths from one-off to mass production of identical items. Also offering low to zero servicing or consumables, apart from the dies themselves, meaning longer run time and higher productivity and lower costs.

Die Cut

Single or double magnetic cylinders, and a range of formats, ensure there is an Insignia die cutter to match your specific requirements. Sticker’s and Sticker labels, folding cartons, greetings cards, presentation folders and much more can be die-cut, kiss-cut, cut-score, perforated, embossed and debossed, in one pass, by one operator on an Insignia Rotary Die Cutter.

Die Cut

All Insignia machines rely on, and are governed by, mechanical timing, rather than electronic or optic controls. Because of this mechanical timing, Insignia machines can comfortably handle any type of clear, reflective or matte black materials also raised print and UV processed through the machine. They can also be serviced by in-house service technicians, with general engineering skills, rather than by specialist electronic technicians.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]

Greetings Cards

“Rollem’s custom built solution gives us amazing productivity levels”

Managing Director – Online Personalised Greetings Card Company


“We’ve earned a reputation for producing the most ‘creative’ of mailings.”

Finishing Director – Specialist Print Company

Raised Print

Rollem machines cut and collate without crushing the raised print.