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“Post Cards are highly effective promotional tools. With Rollem the register is always 100% perfect.”
Finishing Director – Post Card Sector

Send a quality message with Rollem

A poorly finished post card says all the wrong things. Choose Rollem finishing equipment and you can rely on picture perfect post cards.

Two direction slitting or bleed slitting and trimming produces postcards at high speed either in-line or offline.



Cut cards can then be stacked in a descending cartridge, or on a shingling conveyor for further downstream processing.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]

Rollem Slit Perforate

Slit Perforate

Slit perforating is usually the best option when you have a thinner sheet, which demands a more subtle perforation line.
Rollem Collate


Rollem’s range of automatic collators can arrange even the most complex re-ordering and stacking.