You can trim off waste edges to the tightest tolerances with Rollem. Our machines are supremely accurate, processing every sheet with identical precision. No surprise then, that the playing card industry insists on Rollem finishing because only a Rollem can meet the 0.001” tolerances they demand. CD inlay producers are equally loyal, as only a Rollem can trim to a 0.2mm tolerance on the large lightweight sheets they use.

With Rollem print finishing machinery you can

  • trim in combination with other processes such as perforating and creasing, giving productivity and quality in just one pass
  • handle exceptionally curly, embossed or thermographed sheets with no trouble because there’s no stack to crush or misalign
  • process each sheet accurately at high speed.
  • Trim oversized sheets to produce accurate edge-to-edge prints

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]

Photobooks, Calendars and Diaries

Just one Rollem line does the work of 4 guillotines.

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