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When only the neatest and cleanest possible perforation line will do, you need a Rollem micro-perforator. Our winning combination of six different blade styles and three separate perforating processes deliver first class results – whatever the stock.
With Rollem print finishing equipment you can
  • micro-perforate in combination with other processessuch as slitting and creasing, giving productivity and quality in just one pass.
  • achieve fantastic results on any suitable paper, card or plastic stock.
  • micro-perforate at speed, accurately and consistently 24/7.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]


“We’ve earned a reputation for producing the most ‘creative’ of mailings. Shhh – we owe it to Rollem.”

Finishing Director – Specialist Print Company