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“We’ve earned a reputation for producing the most ‘creative’ of mailings. Shhh – we owe it to Rollem.”
Finishing Director – Specialist Print Company

Many of today’s most impactful mailings rely on the quality of the finish to get the message across. A mailer that talks about quality while displaying a dodgy die cut loses credibility on the doormat. With Rollem you can guarantee speed and accuracy. Whether you need to produce complex or simple mailers – whatever the volume – there’s a Rollem solution for you.

All our multi-functional machines finish in just one pass:

  • Select the unmatched fast-throughput, web-to-print for speedy, high volume digital output – it can slit, trim, gutterslit, perforate, micro-perforate, score, collate or stream-feed and semi-slit in a single pass;
  • No need to order different tool platens for each job – one set of Rollem tooling can be set for multiple jobs.
  • Full page personalised prints can be edge trimmed from SRA4 sheets to product edge-to-edge coverage in-line with your digital press.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]


Having trouble tearing cleanly along a perforation line? Odds on, it wasn’t produced on Rollem finishing equipment!


When only the neatest and cleanest possible perforation line will do, you need a Rollem micro-perforator.