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All Rollem print finishing systems are floor to floor so you can process each sheet in a job individually in a single pass.

Rollem systems can be configured to be inline, nearline or offline. So we could pick up each print job from your printer.

Rollem Finishing

In short, finish any combination of our range of processes without leaving your Rollem machine.

So the days of finishing jobs batch by batch on separate machines – with separate operators for each process – will be history.

With a Rollem finishing system you can print, finish and ship a job in a single operation.


We call it web-to-print-to-delivery.

Today’s customers demand 24-hour turnaround for quality print at rock bottom prices. 

With Rollem you can more than deliver and increase profits.

Improve Performance

Cut costs, reduce turnaround time, improve accuracy

Floor to Floor

Floor-to-floor time is a key consideration for any successful print business. Save time and manpower here and the benefits feed directly to your bottom line. Since all our print finishing equipment – however multi-functional – is single operator, your staff savings add up from the day of installation.

Traditional finishing involves pallets of paper sitting on the shop floor between lengthy finishing processes. This means significant high-value stock and inventory assets are tied-up unnecessarily. With a Rollem machine each sheet of stock is swiftly converted into an instant cash return. Just one more reason why our machines pay for themselves so quickly.

Improve Accuracy

On-the-fly adjustment + perfect registration = industry-leading accuracy

Adjust a job while it’s running

Printing and finishing is all about variables. We all know that on a humid day paper stretches, so a centre score can move up to 2mm on, for example, a greeting card. Without a Rollem machine the whole job could be run and wasted, losing you valuable time and money. By contrast, with Rollem print finishing solutions a single operator can correct the job in real-time, adjusting after the first sheet passes through. So that you can build on your reputation for accuracy while saving time and money.

Get in touch today

To find out how a Rollem finishing machine can save you money, call us now on +44 (0)1226 745 476 and ask for Andy or email us.

Speed Turn Around

One multi-tasking machine + zero separate finishing processes = soaring productivity


‘I want it tomorrow, if not today’. This level of customer demand, generated by web-to-print, has set the industry talking. However, the phrase ‘web-to-print’ doesn’t take finishing into account. And finishing is essential to a realistic business model because if a supplier doesn’t factor-in foolproof finishing, the speed of delivery is jeopardised.

That’s why, here at Rollem we look at the whole process; from ‘web-to-print-to-delivery’. Because our job is to help you finish your print to an exceptionally high quality in double-quick time – and get it delivered as soon as it hits the floor.

With a Rollem machine you can meet the pressure to deliver asap and gain a competitive edge. Our print finishing machines boost productivity and build your brand, delivering a return on investment from day one.

To find out how a Rollem finishing machine can save you money, call us now on +44 (0)1226 745476 and ask for Andy or email us.