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Descending Stacker

The Rollem Descending Stacker has increased our production capacity by enabling longer print runs

Descending Stacker
Ideal for photobooks, leaflets, greetings cards and mailings
The Rollem Descending Stacker can process one or more straight or offset stacks, offset stacking at the end of a book or a set of prints, with a variable page count.
Descending Stacker


  • Minimum paper size: A5 or 8″ width
  • Maximum paper size:  up to B2 or 30″ width
  • Weight stock:  80gsm to 700gsm
  • Applications:  Photobooks, Leaflets, Mailings, Greetings cards and Postcards
Descending Stacker

Descending Card Stacker

For less demanding applications, a lower volume stacker can be offered, handling up to 100kg. Business cards and mailing applications will benefit from this version, which handles the lighter workload with ease.

To discuss your print finishing requirements please contact Andy Longston on +44 (0) 1226 745476 or [email protected]

Photobooks, Calendars and Diaries

Just one Rollem line does the work of 4 guillotines.

Business Cards

“We now get 25 business cards from an SRA3 sheet. Before it was 16!”

Finishing Manager – Business Card Sector