SlipStream III

Ideal for trading, gaming and playing card industry

The Rollem SlipStream III is the most profitable and accurate two-directional, single-pass slitter/collator.

SlipStream III

The SlipStream uses a quarter of the manpower in an eighth of the time, and in doing so increases your productivity ten or even twenty fold – with the legendary Rollem accuracy.

Reduce capital equipment, labour costs and factory space – modernising your production line overnight. Rollem are the world leader in the trading, gaming and playing card industry. Their unique, in-line finishing system, the SlipStream, automatically processes full sheets, trimming and slitting them in two directions, and also collates them, all in a single pass, eliminating multiple separate guillotine and collating operations, and the associated material movements back and forward between them. Downstream processes such as die-cutting, punching and packaging options can also be added in-line.

Rollem SlipStream III

The self-contained system includes an up-to-date, high capacity, Rollem Deep Pile Feeder, and highly accurate register tables, integrated with the two-direction cutting heads and card collation module, to provide unprecedented periods of continuous running.

The motors and drive control system are the latest PLC technology, providing modern levels of reliability and consistency, and advanced diagnostic capabilities, including remote access and over-the-air updates. The electronics enhancements provide previously inconceivable levels of intelligent integration with downstream equipment such as the Rollem AutoPunch.

Cutting accuracy is consistent and repeatable, with variations of less than 0.05mm achievable. Designed to accommodate sheet sizes up to the popular B1 (1000mm x 707mm), the SlipStream combines the above operations into one machine, operated from a single screen. Output rates, productivity, capacity, quality, work-in-progress and lead times can be reduced by up to 90%. The SlipStream offers running speeds of up to 2,000 sheets per hour, and, multiple sheets per deck, or decks per sheet, can be selected with the push of a button, or rather a touch screen!

To find out how to move your card production into the 21st century, contact Rollem on+44 (0) 1226 745 476 or email [email protected] .

Rollem CollateRollem Collate


Rollem’s range of automatic collators can arrange even the most complex re-ordering and stacking.
Rollem PunchRollem Punch


The Rollem AutoPunch allows us to increase production capacity with a reliable, quality cut completing the finishing process in one pass.

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