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Rental Service

At Rollem we provide a print finishing system rental service to enable customers to test a new market or product area by renting a production line or specific modules on a short-term agreement.

As print businesses look to secure their future by diversifying into new products or markets, this can drive the need for new capacity or capability, which means investing hard earned capital in machinery to deliver this, with the risk that the new venture does not deliver the anticipated result. Our rental service allows you to explore new opportunities, and at the same time to limit your longer-term exposure.

Rental Service

A wide range of print is produced on our finishing equipment, including:

Playing & gaming cards
Business cards
Shelf edge labels
Photobooks, calendars and diaries
Raised print

The modular nature of much of our equipment allows you to design and create bespoke production lines with specialised capability, using generic modules combined with application specific software. These can be assembled in relatively short periods of time and installed on a customer site ready to capitalise on the new opportunity.

Rental Service

Separate modules that are available to rent include:

Descending stacker
Auto Punch

Rental Service

We provide a full range of consumables to support our range of print finishing equipment, including:

Cleaners and strippers

We provide a minimum 3-month rental term. On a 6-month rental, the equipment would be installed at our cost.

The customer can the test out the business, and, once the market has been assessed and established, the equipment can be either, purchased outright with appropriate credit given for the sum already paid in rent, or returned to Rollem.

To discuss packages please contact Andy Longston on [email protected] or +44 1226 745476