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Rollem Print Finishing Equipment For Sale

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Following the recent announcement to postpone drupa 2020, we will have some machines which have “unexpectedly” become available for sale.

Normally, as a specialist machine builder, at Rollem we design and build our systems to order, however we were already committed to building the following systems purely for demonstration at the show:

System A

1 x Rollem SlipStream card cutting machine – for producing collated decks of gaming, trading or playing cards from printed sheets.

1 x Rollem AutoPunch – to punch complete decks of cards to provide casino quality finish with square or round corners.

System B

1 x Rollem 2-direction flexible finishing line, suitable for accurately and efficiently cutting printed sheets into almost any size of product from business cards to flyers or photographs

1 x Rollem Collator – to arrange, collect and stack decks of cards for onward processing eg punching, wrapping, banding etc

System C

1 x Rollem Champion – for semi-slitting, creasing, perforating, slitting and/or trimming of printed sheets up to A2 size.

We will be happy to take enquiries about these machines, either separately or as complete systems, which will be available with a short lead time, and of course, at an attractive discount to the normal price.

There is still time for us to make changes to specifications and flexibility, so we can hopefully meet any specific configurations.

If any of the above may be of interest to you, please contact Stewart Dyer with your requirements, and we will try to match these.

Stewart Dyer – European Sales Manager

[email protected]


Rollem SlipStream III collator

Monthly New Feature: SlipStream III Collator

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We are focusing on one new feature of our new integrated card finishing machine the SlipStream III in the build up to drupa 2021 in April 2021, where you will be able to see this new gaming card finishing system running on our stand (Hall 6, Stand C61).

The SlipStream III gives you the facility to be able to cut, collate, punch and wrap playing cards, gaming cards or business cards in one pass, so increasing your productivity whilst producing an accurate finished product.

This month’s new feature – SlipStream III Collator

Rollem SlipStream III collator
Rollem SlipStream III Collator

As most card producers can testify, one of the significant challenges they face, is to find a reliable and efficient method of turning streams of individual playing cards into a sorted deck of cards arranged in the correct order.

This is further complicated by the modern trend towards a wider range of card pack sizes, for more and more diverse applications, with decks of up to 100 cards becoming commonplace.

The SlipStream integrated card collation module is the proven and reliable solution to that problem. The cut cards are delivered from the cutting units to the collator infeed, in virtually continuous streams, at a rate of up to 2,000 cards per minute.

PSU during assembly

In the first of a series of steps unique to Rollem’s playing card system, in the collation cartridge these streams are then turned into sub-decks, each sub-deck consisting of a row of cards. These sub-decks are then collected, in sequence, in the Pack Separation Unit, or PSU, which is where the next amazing transformation takes place.

Using the proprietary software, the PSU can be programmed to collate multiple sub-decks into a single deck. Each completed deck can therefore consist of as many, or as few, sub-decks as are required.

With this feature, a deck can consist of multiple sheets, or conversely, one sheet could produce multiple decks.

Complete decks are delivered from the PSU ready for the next process in the in-line system, the Rollem AutoPunch.

To discuss please contact Stewart Dyer on +44 1226 745476 or click here to email

Next month’s new feature will be the Updated Control Systems

SlipStream Cutting Module

Monthly New Feature: SlipStream Cutting Module

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We are focusing on one new feature of our new SlipStream III card finishing machine per month, in the build up to drupa 2020 in June, where you will be able to see this new gaming card finishing machine running on our stand (Hall 6, Stand C61).

The SlipStream III gives you the facility to cut, collate, punch and wrap your playing cards, gaming cards or business cards in one pass, so increasing your productivity whilst producing an accurate finished product.

This month’s new feature – SlipStream Cutting Module

The heart of the SlipStream III playing card finishing system is the cutting module, which combines the two slitting heads with the intermediate registration device, in a single unit. This is the part of the system that converts the complete sheets into individual cards, in two integrated operations, encompassing unique Rollem slitting technology.

The Rollem SlipStream III print finishing system automatically processes full sheets, trimming and slitting them in two directions, providing a cutting accuracy that is consistent and repeatable, with variations of less than 0.05mm achievable. The printed sheets of cards are slit in the first direction, with or without bleed, and fed at right angles into the second direction cutting unit, and the resulting cards are delivered to the collator.

The customised Rollem slitting technique is able to hold the sheet in tight control throughout the entire cutting sequence. This unique capability ensures the SlipStream III delivers maximum productivity, minimum waste and optimum quality of game cards. The system is designed to accommodate a wide range of sheet sizes up to the popular B1 (1000mm x 707mm), which allows for 2 full decks of playing cards, even including the Jokers, on one sheet!

To discuss please contact Stewart Dyer on +44 1226 745476 or click here to contact us

Next month’s new feature will be the SlipStream Collator

Rollem SlipStream III

Rollem launches new SlipStream III

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The Rollem SlipStream III is our most profitable and accurate two-directional, single-pass slitter and collator.

We will be highlighting a new feature each month in the build up to drupa 2020 in June where we will be demonstrating the new SlipStream III. For more on our drupa presence please click here.

This month’s new feature – Rollem Deep Pile Feeder


Suction Deep Pile Feeder

The hand-feed table, or early automatic feeder, will be replaced with an up-to-date, high capacity, Rollem Deep Pile Feeder, and highly accurate register table, integrated with the rest of the machine, to provide unprecedented periods of continuous running.

The new Rollem High Capacity Deep Pile Feeder is a suction feeder that will be electronically controlled with the rest of the system.

To discuss please contact Stewart Dyer on +44 1226 745476 or click here to contact us


Next month’s new feature will be the SlipStream Cutting Module



Rollem exhibiting at drupa 2021

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Rollem and Rollem International will be exhibiting at drupa 2021 at Messe Dusseldorf in Germany from Tuesday 20th to Friday 30th April 2021 in Hall 6, Stand C61.

Rollem will be demonstrating their New SlipStream III system with the Rollem Auto Punch running Playing and Gaming cards. Along with a Business Card System with a feeder, 2 direction cutting and autocollator.

Rollem International will be demonstrating their Insignia die cutting systems which will be producing packaging cartons.

Come along to the stand and see the demostrations and meet our sales teams to discuss your print finishing requirements.

To find out more about the exhibition please visit the drupa website here.


The drupa trade fair scheduled for 16-26 June 2020 will be postponed to 20-30 April 2021. In doing so, Messe Düsseldorf is following the recommendation of the crisis management team of the German Federal Government to take into account the principles of the Robert Koch Institute when assessing the risk of major events. Based on this recommendation and the recent significant increase in the number of people infected with the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), including in Europe, Messe Düsseldorf has reassessed the situation. In addition, there is the general ruling issued by the city of Düsseldorf on 11 March 2020, in which major events with more than 1,000 participants present at the same time are generally prohibited.

For the full press release from drupa click here

Details updated 17th March 2020

Adam Huckle electrical engineering graduation

Rollem Electrical Engineer, Adam Huckle is awarded first class honours

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Rollem Electrical Engineer, Adam Huckle, has gained first class honours in his BEng (Honours) Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree from Sheffield Hallam University.  The course took four years of part-time study alongside full-time employment.

Adam joined Rollem in 2014 and has become a key member of the team. Stuart Murphy, Managing Director said “We are delighted and proud of Adam on his achievement. It is well deserved for the hard work he has put in.”

The course included modules on analogue and digital, embedded networks, communication protocols, maths, control systems and digital signal processing.

Adam’s final year dissertation project was based around sensors reading temperature and water levels and displaying them back to a user interface using wireless Bluetooth communication. Adam designed, manufactured and tested the product and received 2 offers to take the product into production.

Adam said “As if working full-time and studying for a degree wasn’t hard enough, I’ve also travelled internationally for weeks at a time as part of my job during this time. Two years into the degree my partner Stacey was due to give birth to our son, Logan, on the day of one of my exams but fortunately he was late!”



Rollem awarded ISO9001 accreditation

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Print finishing systems manufacturer, Rollem, have been awarded the internationally recognised quality standard, ISO9001:2015.

The ISO9001 standards have helped Rollem continue to improve their process and streamline operations to maintain a high quality of products and service throughout the company.

Stewart Dyer, European Sales Manager, said “As we are increasingly working closely with major OEM’s in the print industry it is becoming a requirement for us to hold the ISO9001 standard.”

Rollem, who are now in their 90th year in business, supply print finishing systems across the world, with 80% of business being export.

Rachel Murphy, Business Support Manager, Rollem said: “Having worked with our ISO consultants, Darren Forder at Clear Quality over the past 2 years, this accreditation process has helped improve the efficiency of our day to day operations. The process hasn’t slowed or stopped operations as we worked through it and it has streamlined some areas making them easier for us than ever before.”

Darren Forder, ISO Consultant, Clear Quality said, “Working with Rollem has been great, we had such a methodical approach that each section of the business really understood and took the quality management system on board to improve some business processes.”

Print industry role for Rollem MD

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Rollem Managing Director, Stuart Murphy, is one of four new Council members for Picon, which represents suppliers to the printing, publishing, papermaking and paper converting industries.

Newcomers to Council are Iain Bullock from Renz, Tim Cox from Vpress, Ryan Miles from Heidelberg and Stuart Murphy from Rollem. Upfront asked the quartet what it was they valued about Picon membership and what they hope to add now that they have joined Council. The networking opportunities are important to all four, with Stuart identifying the special benefits this provides to SMEs: “There’s real value in having access to a network of businesses facing similar issues and sharing similar experiences. As well as providing a sounding-board for ideas, it gives us a degree of comfort.”

Iain prizes the “open, and if necessary confidential, discussions with individuals performing a similar role to myself in the industry”, while Ryan lists the benefits as “networking, industry identity, collective thinking, industry promotion and heritage.” For Tim, membership represents a barometer on the industry, our peers and competitors.”

The new blood brings to Council a historical understanding of where the organisation has come from and where its priorities should be going forwards (Iain), insight into areas such as cloud-based architecture and complex integration (Tim), and an engineering pedigree and northern background! (Stuart). Ryan believes his experience with a global manufacturer presence will benefit the wider membership.

To visit the Picon website please click here

Business card print finishing

Rollem launches rental service for print finishing systems

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Rollem are responding to the ever-changing print finishing market by engaging with a partner organisation in the financial services sector, to create an offer for customers and potential customers as an opportunity to “test the water” in a new market or product area, by renting a production line or specific modules on a short-term agreement.

As companies look to secure their future by diversifying into new products or markets, this can drive the need for new capacity or capability, which means investing hard earned capital in machinery to deliver this, with the risk that the new venture does not deliver the anticipated result. Rollem’s latest initiative now allows them to explore new opportunities, and at the same time to limit their longer-term exposure.

The modular nature of much of Rollem’s equipment allows them to design and create bespoke production lines with specialised capability, using generic modules combined with application specific software. These can be assembled in relatively short periods of time and installed on a customer site ready to capitalise on the new opportunity.

The customer can the test out the business, and, once the market has been assessed and established, the equipment can be either, purchased outright with appropriate credit given for the sum already paid in rent, or returned to Rollem.

To discuss packages please contact Stewart Dyer on [email protected] or +44 1226 745476

Print Week feature on Rollem

Print Week feature – Rollem plays its cards right

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Article by Simon Eccles

In this series of features, Printweek is highlighting some of the UK’s world-beating development and engineering businesses.

Rollem plays it’s cards right

This developer of bespoke finishing devices is marking 90 years of manufacturing this year.

About half of our Best of British subjects and future candidates have surprisingly long histories. They’ve survived by adapting to the huge changes in technologies, social and economic conditions over the years and still manage to present relevant products to the market. Often they’re successful exporters too. Rollem certainly ticks these boxes. The end of this year marks its 90th birthday and today’s products remain on the (literal) cutting edge, integrating finishing with digital and analogue presses. Turnover is currently £3m, with 80% of work exported.

Its machines can be configured and customised to finish products including playing and trading cards, business cards, photobooks, mailings, shelf edge labels, postcards, CD inlays and raised print. Customers include international brands such as Bluetree Design & Print, Hasbro, Panini, Pokemon and Xerox.

To download the full article please click here



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